TapTap Presents Is 2022 Is Happening TODAY – This Is Where to Watch

Later today, TapTap is hosting its third annual showcase of all the coolest games and updates in the mobile gaming space. 

Due to take place at 4am PT / 7am ET, TapTap Presents will feature more than 20 AAA and indie games. There will be onafide blockbusters and titles that haven’t yet been revealed. 

In case you’ve never come across it before, TapTap is a gaming platform that curates and highlights some of the most exciting mobile games on the planet. It’s sort of like an independent mobile app store, but with tons of extra features and a vibrant community. 

You can see these games and interact with the TapTap community on the TapTap site. Or you can use the official app, or Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, and Discord. Basically, anywhere that people gather online. 

Last year, TapTap Presents unveiled a series of updates for some of the biggest mobile games on the planet, including League of Legends: Wild Rift, Apex Legends Mobile, Hearthstone: Mercenaries, and Marvel: Super War. 

If anything, the quality has improved for this year’s instalment. We’ll spare you the spoilers, but we can reveal a few titbits ahead of the showcase. 

Genshin Impact is among the headliners of TapTap Presents 2022. We’ll also be getting the inside scoop on Torchlight: Infinite, Wuthering Waves, and the awesome Naraka: Bladepoint Mobile. 

There are several new games on the docket, too. Among them is Eternal Evolution, a neat-looking strategy-based idle game. Also Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, a fantasy MMORPG that looks absolutely adorable. 

That one is from developer XD, and so is Flash Party, a highly promising competitive multiplayer brawler. 

TapTap Presents would be worth watching for those games alone, but there are several more surprises to come. 

To tune-in,  click here to go to the TapTap Presents event page. You can also head to the TapTap YouTube, Twitch, or Facebook pages, or open up the TapTap App.

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