Pilgrammed Scythe Guide – How To Get The Haunted Scythe


Looking for a weapon that lets you steal health from your enemies? Just want to look a bit more spooky? Well, we can help. Our Pilgrammed scythe guide will help you get your blocky hands on the Haunted Scythe.

Pilgrammed is a Roblox game that gives you the chance to explore a wide-open and very hostile medieval world. There’s a complex combat system, tons of different weapons, lots of enemies and quests, and some weird NPCs.

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Pilgrammed Scythe Guide

Here we’ll try and answer anything you need to know about Haunted Scythe, or Pilgrammed.

What Is The Haunted Scythe?

The Haunted Scythe is a melee weapon in Pilgrammed. It has the following stats.

  • Element: Metal
  • Damage: 35
  • Swing speed: -25%
  • Range: +8
  • Piercing: +25%

It has two potential heavy attacks.

  • A spinning attack that can steal HP from enemies.
  • A high-damage AoE attack that inflicts bleed.

How Do I Find The Haunted Scythe?

The Haunted Scythe drops from Scarecrow enemies on Patchland Grove with a frequency of 0.68%.

Pathland Grove can be found by sailing into the Eastern Sea from the Forest area. It is the isle beyond Bear Island and is covered in pumpkin patches.

How Do I Buy The Haunted Scythe?

You can buy the Haunted Scythe from the NPC Merchant Mr Pumpkino, who you can find in the cave on the coast of Patchland Grove.
You’ll need the following items to purchase the weapon from him:

  • Scrap Sickle
  • 75 Straw
  • 25 Chaos Essence

What Is Pilgrammed?

Pilgrammed is an experience on the popular Roblox platform. It’s an open-world action RPG with a full combat system. There are quests, enemies, and lots of different bosses to face up against. Mine ore, sail your boat across the seas, or team up with other players to help you face the dangerous world.

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