Vainglory Wins Best Mobile Game GLOMO at MWC 2016

I know — that’s a lot of letters. What do they all mean? Well, Mobile World Congress 2016 is currently underway in Barcelona, and despite a transport strike, the GSMA (more letters!) and Gamelab Mobile hosted the 2016 GLOMO Awards. That stands for “GLObal MObile,” as far as I know.

This year saw more entries than ever come in for the eight categories and 40 total awards, making it that much more impressive that Vainglory took the prize for “Best Mobile Game” of 2015. Let’s hear it for the mobile MOBA, yes?

“It is an honor for Vainglory to be recognized as the ‘Best Mobile Game’ by the GSMA,” Super Evil Megacorp COO and Executive Director Kristian Segerstrale said in a press release. “The rate at which the Vainglory community has grown and the eSports competition has increased throughout 2015 has been incredible, and we can not thank our players enough for their dedication across the globe. We are still early and have a lot to do in 2016, but we are very excited about progress so far!”

It’s been a good month in general for Vainglory, which also recently announced that its Winter Season North America Championships would be held at the Red Bull eSports Studio in Santa Monica in just a few weeks. Twitch also named it the fastest-growing mobile game in terms of viewer interest for 2015, which bodes well for Super Evil Megacorp’s plans to hold even more organized play this year.

Need to see what all the hype is about firsthand? Get yourself to the App Store or Google Play and download Vainglory for free to find out.

DISCLAIMER: Gamezebo’s Editor-in-Chief Jim Squires was a judge for the 2016 GLOMOs in the Best Mobile Games category.

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