Color Bump 3D: Tips, Cheats And Strategies


Color Bump 3D does what it says on the tin. You – a sphere – bump objects in 3D. Well, only the white objects – touch anything else and you shatter into a million tiny pieces. There’s no coming back from that.

Such a simple concept then, but it’s easy to find yourself failing a specific level over and over again. Considering that you have to watch a lot of video ads to restart stages then it’s all too easy to give up on the game altogether. But worry not – follow these strategies and you should be fine to avoid the restart screen.

  • Shield yourself¬†A simple tip, but one worth making note of anyway – make sure you use the objects to shield yourself when applicable.
  • Wall work When using a wall to protect yourself make sure you take note of its shape. Smaller objects are easy enough to push where you want, but larger ones require a bit more dexterity and fast reactions to control.
  • Keep straight Sometimes just taking your finger off the screen and making your sphere go straight up in a line can be the best strategy in some stages. Even a slight bit of movement can mean you won’t make it through a particularly tricky set of objects – so be careful and consider whether you really need to move at all.

  • Shaping up Pay special attention to the shape of the objects. There’s a huge variety of them, and they all interact with each other in different ways. Domino style blocks simple fall over for example, whereas fellow sphere are largely unpredictable – especially if they’re knocked around by other spheres.
  • Back and forward Remember you can move in every direction – up, down, right, and left. Don’t restrict yourself into thinking you have to move at a certain speed through the stages.
  • Up top If you want lots of time to watch objects fall into place start at the top of the screen. This way you always have the chance to negotiate tricky pile ups of obstacles.

  • Boost power Swipe a quick line up behind your ball if you want to strike a certain item with real power. This can cause it to jump over obstacles in front of it – this can be useful in certain situations, but also make a path impossible to get through. So use this power wisely.
  • Greyed out You can watch a video ad to restart where you left out. But that’s annoying and not much fun, as we’re sure you know. You can find a simple option to restart the stage with no ads involved though – a ‘no thank you’ option appears a few seconds in. It’s hidden away a bit and is a lighter grey though, so keep an eye out for it. Don’t watch those blasted ads unless you have to.

  • No connection You can actually select the video ad restart option and not have to watch an ad if you have no internet connection. This is a particularly useful workaround if you’re on stage you just can’t beat, as you’ll restart nearly exactly where you left off.
  • Slow and steady The most useful advice we can give is – don’t rush. Rushing in Color Bump 3D will almost end in disaster, especially in later stages. Keep your sphere steady and slowly weave your way through the trickier passages.

Try out these tips and tricks for yourself by downloading Color Bump 3D via the App Store or Google Play now.

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