Advertise with Gamezebo and promote your game to our audience!

Push Your App exclusively manages the advertising and advertorial process for Gamezebo. Get in touch with us at [email protected] to find out what we can do for you. We offer takeovers, banners and editorial content in all forms across the site.

Gamezebo serves 1.2 million PV per month to an audience of 800,000 readers. We have over 40,000 Facebook likes and 20,000+ Twitter followers. The vast majority of our traffic is US-based, with other English speaking territories also featuring in our demographics. Our readership is approximately 60% male, and 75% are aged 18-34. Google Analytics is available on request.

Our promotion options:
  • Editorial
  • Articles (out now, updates, upcoming releases)
  • Features (walkthroughs, tips, cheats, guides, interviews and more)
  • Competitions (either through our site, multiple sites and/or social media channels)
  • *Adverts
  • Full site takeovers
  • Banners across our site
  • Desktop and mobile-optimised

You can check out our latest pricing by e-mailing [email protected] – where you’ll get a response within 24 hours. You can see our adverts by clicking on the image below:


Next Steps:

What we (ideally) need from you:

  • What you’re looking to spend (in USD)
  • Approximate dates of when you’d like a campaign to start/end (not essential, but does help us to double-check availability!)
  • Any details about your app or game (possibly a press release, link to the trailer, etc)
  • What you’re looking to do. This might be having a story on the site, advertising with banners/takeover or something else.

If you can’t provide all that information yet, don’t worry! We’re happy to offer ideas on what a suitable budget would be and what you can potentially achieve.

Buy across a network of game sites:

Push Your App also represent a number of other gaming sites and can offer packages that include multiple sites, including Download Free Games, AppAdvice and over 60 others. To find out more details on this, just mention you’re looking to work with multiple sites in your e-mail to us.