Get Reviewed

We get hundreds of submissions a day (there are over a million apps on the App Store, Amazon Appstore, and Google Play, after all). But, if you follow these simple steps, there is a chance.
Send an email to [email protected] with the following information:

  • game description
  • high quality screen shots
  • video (if available)
  • game codes (if relevant)
  • a snazzy title
  • …and a quick pitch about what makes your game unique and worth reviewing.
A bad pitch: It’s Flappy Bird with a dog.
A good pitch: A puzzle game for iOS and Android that takes you on a magical MC Escher architectural journey.

The sooner you tell us about your game, the better. We may even want to preview your game. We don’t require an exclusive but we do want to be on your very short list of sites you contact first with the opportunity to cover your game, preferably before it comes out.

Follow and contact us through Twitter and Facebook. Aside from email, this is the best way to reach us and stand out from among the crowd.

Please support us. Game editorial sites like Gamezebo cost money to run and our reviews are valuable for companies to get your games discovered in the crowd. You can market your games and technology to our valuable audience via our sales team who you can contact [email protected].

If you do not have an ad budget and we review your game, mention it in your app store description, share it through social media and link to it on your web site.

Do not pay for a press release distribution service to email us. It will go directly to our spam folder and is a waste of our time and your money.

Do not hire a public relations firm or internal PR professional to spam us with non-personalized emails. If you are too lazy to send us a personal email requesting a review, then you will not get any coverage.

Do feel free to hire a public relations firm or professional to send us a personalized pitch to review your game. If you want a recommendation for good PR, email us.  We work with a lot of fine PR folks.

Or, do your own PR. We just shared with you the secret to getting your game reviewed on Gamezebo. For the best PR advice I’ve read online, check out this article on Medium.

For all inquiries regarding reviews, previews, or if you want to send us a walkthrough you’ve written about your game (yes, we sometimes accept those), email [email protected].