Ulala: Idle Adventure Review: One of the Finest Idle RPGs on Mobile

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Ulala: Idle Adventure is a brand new idle RPG that aims to provide a higher level of polish than we’ve yet to see in the genre on mobile. It’s closest comparison so far is Idle Poring, the Ragnarok idle RPG that launched and subsequently closed within a year on mobile.

You play as a caveman or woman who battles their way through a series of landscapes. Like in any RPG, you’ll earn XP, level up, get some new equipment, and grow in power. Well, you won’t actually do any of this as your character performs it automatically, but you’ll manage the process.

There are a number of different classes to choose from, including melee tanks, ranged damage dealers, wizards, healers, and more. There’s a surprising amount of choice on offer, with each class providing a different play style and cosmetic option.

Ulala: Idle Adventure Draws Inspiration From the Likes of Pokémon, World of Warcraft, Monster Hunter, and Idle Poring

You can join a team with other players too. You’ll then grow alongside them as you battle monsters together, supporting each other by tanking, healing, or obliterating enemies. It’s exactly the same trinity structure from your average World of Warcraft-inspired MMO.

To progress throughout the series of seemingly endless levels you’ll face bosses, which are as challenging as they sound. For your effort you’ll gain a serious boost in XP and get yourself some gear and skills to boot. If you’ve played an idle game before, you’ll be instantly familiar with the systems.

However, Ulala draws inspiration from a number of different games. The basic setup seems to be taken right out of Idle Poring, which also had you building up a character as they fought an endless supply of monsters over a variety of different environments.

The Result is a Pretty Unique, If Familiar, Idle RPG

You’ve also got pets, which act a lot like Pokémon, battling alongside you and performing their own skills, food, which is very reminiscent of Monster Hunter – including the side effects as you cook and eat it. There’s also plenty of World of Warcraft inspirations – particularly when it comes to the trinity.

It’s not a particularly deep experience, but it doesn’t really need to be. It’s a standard idle RPG at the end of the day with incredible presentation, with character design that looks like it was ripped out of Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. That’s high praise.

If you like idle RPGs and have been looking for something new, Ulala will definitely satisfy you. It might even draw in fans of MMORPGs or Monster Hunter too, thanks to the variety of inspirations.

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