Tank Stars Guide: Tips, Cheats and Strategies

By Glen Fox |


Tank Stars is basically Worms with tanks. It’s a competitive mobile shooter in which you and an opponent take it in turns trying to blow up the other’s tank first.

Perform well and you’ll earn a variety of goodies that let you upgrade your tank and its weapons, giving you a greater chance of winning. And the cycle repeats.

Given the competitive nature of the game, you probably won’t want to lose – particularly if you want to play against your friends. Fortunately for you, we’ve spent a bunch of time with the game to master it.

Read on below and you’ll find a bunch of tips and tricks that will help you win most of your battles. That way you can lord if over your friends as the best tank master around.

Tank Stars Tips and Tricks

  • Pick your best weapon: Each time you go to fire a weapon at an enemy tank, tap on the weapon and make sure the best one is selected. You’ll know it’s the best if it’s the one with the most stars.
  • Though you might want to pick another depending on the circumstance: If you’re not confident that you can hit an enemy tank from miles away, you might want to pick an alternative weapon. Those that split into two or hit a wide space of ground are useful when you’re not confident, as they lessen the chances of missing. They do deal less damage though.
  • Don’t be afraid to get close: You can use your limited fuel supply to get close to the enemy tank each round, and we recommend you do so. There’s no real downside to getting close apart from the fact that you’re an easier target.
  • Make sure you use full power on each attack: You can use the right side of the screen to change your aim, but also your power. This isn’t really explained during the tutorial, which is a real shame as it’s actually quite important.
  • Aim for direct hits: If you hit the tank directly, you’ll get a perfect hit. This deals a lot more damage than a regular hit so its definitely worth aiming for.
  • Use your best tank: You’ll unlock new tanks as you progress, but they might not necessarily be the best. Use the tank that’s been upgraded the most as it will often end up being better.
  • Buy all of the cards on sale whenever available: If there are cards in the store, buy them. It’s actually quite difficult to get cards and the store prices are pretty cheap.
  • Watch ads to get free stuff whenever you can: You get rewarded very well in Tank Stars for watching ads so we recommend you do so as often as possible. It’s well worth grabbing a free card and chest as regularly as possible.
  • Collect drops in battles to use your most powerful weapons: During your round, drops can appear on the ground. Collect these as they’ll unlock the ability to use your most powerful weapon.
  • Watch an ad after every battle to get a free chest: You can watch an extra ad after every single battle to get yourself a free chest. Do it. The rewards will build up over time so it’s well worth it.

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