Ragnarok Arena Classes – Which Is Best?


Not sure which job to pick in Ragnarok Arena? That’s exactly what our Ragnarok Arena classes guide is here to help with. In this guide, we round up all of the classes and jobs available in the game, and detail exactly how they work. We’ll then move onto recommending which we consider to be the Ragnarok Arena best class. However, this is quite subjective, so we’ll incorporate a number of factors into our decision-making.

Ragnarok Arena is a gorgeous new gacha RPG that takes place in the same universe as the hit MMORPG, Ragnarok Online. It features the same six classes that you know and love, as well as a collection of the series most iconic monsters. Those you can actually collect and add to your battle party gacha-style, then participate in some old-fashioned turn-based combat.

You can learn more about it on the official site. We’ve also put together a Ragnarok Arena reroll guide, Ragnarok Arena tier list, and Ragnarok Arena codes list to help you get started.

Ragnarok Arena Classes

Now, let’s take a look at the classes available in Ragnarok Arena.


The Acolyte is the defacto healer and support class in Ragnarok Arena. Their skills heal and speed up allies, cure debuffs, and slow enemies.


These are the Acolyte’s base stats.

  • HP: 109,000
  • DEF: 568
  • ATK: 4,406
  • MDEF: 643
  • MATK: 6,722


These are the Acolyte’s skills.

  • Coluceo Heal
  • Cure
  • Slow
  • Accelerate


The Archer is a DPS class that remains at a distance, performing AoE attacks and supporting the party with crowd control and healing.


These are the Archer’s base stats.

  • HP: 100,000
  • DEF: 546
  • ATK: 8,017
  • MDEF: 482
  • MATK: 4,685


These are the Archer’s skills.

  • Arrow Storm
  • Double Strafe
  • Arrow Repel
  • Concentration


The Mage is a veritable glass cannon, capable of taking down foes with powerful single-target and AOE magic. If you like to focus on damage at all costs, this is the class for you.


These are the Mage’s base stats.

  • HP: 101,000
  • DEF: 514
  • ATK: 4,640
  • MDEF: 621
  • MATK: 7,935


These are the Mage’s skills.

  • Crimson Rock
  • Cold Bolt
  • Fire Ball
  • Thunderstorm


The Merchant is an intriguing class that can fulfil a number of roles. It’s primarily a melee DPS-focused class, but has some crowd control. Who knows if their penchant for collecting zeny will help, too.


These are the Merchant’s base stats.

  • HP: 106,000
  • DEF: 600
  • ATK: 6,871
  • MDEF: 557
  • MATK: 4,449


These are the Merchant’s skills.

  • Cart Tornado
  • Mammonite
  • Cart Revolution
  • Crazy Uproar


The Swordsman is a nice combination of melee DPS and tanking, dishing damage with their swords and blocking it with their shields.


These are the Swordsman’s base stats.

  • HP: 112,000
  • DEF: 557
  • ATK: 7,589
  • MDEF: 557
  • MATK: 4,685


These are the Swordsman’s skills.

  • Dragon Breath
  • Bash
  • Fatal Blow
  • HP Recovery


The Thief is a DPS class that has a surprisingly good defence thanks to its active abilities to mitigate damage.


These are the Thief’s base stats.

  • HP: 120,000
  • DEF: 611
  • ATK: 7,124
  • MDEF: 578
  • MATK: 4,378


These are the Thief’s skills.

  • Cross Impact
  • Double Attack
  • Sand Attack
  • Dodge

What Is The Ragnarok Arena Best Class?

So, this is a subjective question, and depends on your preferred playstyle. We prefer to break down the classes into the holy trinity to help make your decision easier.

DPS Classes

  • Thief
  • Mage
  • Swordsman
  • Merchant

Support Classes

  • Acolyte
  • Archer

Tank Classes

  • Swordsman
  • Thief

As you can see, a few of the classes above can multi-role – most notably the Swordsman and Thief. We’re actually surprised at how good a tank the latter is, with its high HP and defensive stats and active dodge abilities helping it to keep out of trouble.

Here’s how we’d break down the best class per role though:

  • Best DPS: Mage
  • Best Tank: Swordsman
  • Best Support: Acolyte

Ragnarok Begins Classes FAQ

Now, we’ll answer a bunch of questions you may have about Ragnarok Begins or classes in general.

What Is A Class?

A class is a role that your player character takes on in many RPGs or MMOs, and determines your base stats, skills, and, often, appearance.

Classes can come in many forms, but they typically fall into the holy trinity of classes: DPS, support, and tank. You can also get hybrid classes that can multi-role.

Are There Any Hybrid Classes In Ragnarok Arena?

Absolutely. We’d consider the following classes to be hybrid:

  • Swordsman – DPS/Tank
  • Thief – DPS/Tank
  • Archer – DPS/Support

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