8 Ball Master Cues Off on Game Hollywood Games with a Several Huge Events

By Conor O'Sullivan |

Game Hollywood Games has made a name for itself as one of the finest purveyors of browser-based strategy and role-playing MMOs on the internet.

With its next big release, the platform is adding a whole new genre to its library.

8 Ball Master is, as you probably guessed, a pool game. Sitting firmly at the casual end of the virtual cuesports spectrum, it sees you taking on other players in real-time multiplayer 8 ball and snooker matches.

Like all the best casual pool games, 8 Ball Master offers easy-to-learn controls and accessible gameplay alongside ultra-realistic 3D ball physics. The result is a fun and approachable game with endless replayability and challenge.

Among the additional perks on offer are a wide selection of customizable tables and cues and an equally wide selection of modes. They include 8 ball matches, trick shot scenarios, tournaments, and more.

The game supports a ton of different languages, too, including English, Portuguese, French and Spanish.. You can switch between them at any time.

To celebrate the launch of 8 Ball Master, Game Hollywood Games is running a number of introductory events.

Logging in for 15 consecutive days will let you claim an SSS Box, in turn giving you the chance to win an SSS cue. Completing seven days of tasks, meanwhile, lets you claim 8888 Gold, a Green Diamond, and 10 Cash.

There are even more rewards available if you follow 8 Ball Master on Facebook, join the game’s Discord community, and participate in upcoming events.

Then there’s the Super 8 Ball Championship, a competition with a top prize of $1000 USD, and second and third prizes of $500 USD and $200 USD respectively, along with a physical cue and $250 worth of in-game items.

To get started, head to Game Hollywood Games and start playing 8 Ball Master for free right now.

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